The World Biennial of Student Photography, organized by the University of Novi Sad and the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of academies and colleges where the discipline of photography is a part of the curriculum.


All photographs must represent the student’s work performed within a school year and verified by the professor’s signature at the back.

Minimum size: 30x40cm
Maximum size: 1m²

Each student can participate with three (3) works

TECHNIQUE: There is no limitation concerning techniques or realization of the photographs. However, photographs should not be equipped.

All photographs and application forms should be posted to the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad not later than 10th October 2009. All entries must be post marked on or before 10th October 2009.The Academy address is at the application form. The entrants bear all postal expenses.

Furthermore, the application forms with the information about the works as well as the reproductions of the works for the purpose of printing the Biennial catalogue must be sent to the following email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected].
All received photographs will become a part of a special Biennial’s collection at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and can be used in didactic purposes. They will be presented at the Biennial’s web site. By filling in the application form, the entrants accept the terms of the organizer of the Biennial exhibition.

The Selection Board is entitled to reject those works that are not in agreement with the undisputed world standards on human rights to identity, nation, religion, language and the like. The organizers of the Biennial have no authorities to transfer any rights to third party in the sense of using and reproduction of works from the Biennial. The entrants accept that their work can be used in non-commercial purposes as well as in the promotion of the Biennial.

The works sent by e-mail should be in TIFF, JPEG or PSD format, 20x30 cm in 300dpi, and the name of each file must be the same as the title of the photography sent by post.

On the back of the photography, in the left bottom corner, there should be a sticker clearly stating the entrant’s data written in block letters both in mother tongue and English. Copying and further distribution of the application form is allowed. There is no entry fee.

Preliminary and final results will be announced on the Biennial’s web site http://www.studentbiennial-ns.com.

The photographs will be judged by an international jury.

The judges’ decision is final and the winners will be announced at the opening ceremony of the Biennial in Novi Sad in November 2009.

The prizes and awards consist of: monetary prizes, medals and certificates.
The 1st prize winner gets the right to organize a solo exhibition at the next Biennial in 2011.
In addition to the main prizes awarded by the organizer, some special prizes will be given some companies and individuals.


1st prize ……. The medal and  €1500
2nd prize …….The medal and €800
3rd prize ……. The medal and €400

1st ……. The medal and €200
2nd ……. The medal and €200
3rd ……. The medal and €200


The deadline for sending the application and reproductions of the works by e-mail is 10th October 2009. The works sent by post should be sent by 10th October 2009. The opening ceremony of the Biennial will be held in November 2009. The exact date will be announced at the Biennial site